PhD Students

Steve Adams

Investigating production of silt and dust using laboratory experiments to replicate natural processes. Recently conducted experiments to determine efficacy of silt produced via eolian saltation in desert dune fields (Published in Geology, 2020). Currently studying dust-sized particle production by saltation inside a newly designed eolian abrasion chamber and dust-sized particle production with experiments simulating glacial grinding. Research interests include the influence of eolian dust on climate feedbacks, planetary geology, human space exploration, developing new tools for geoscience education, and sustainable development linked to geoscience. — Steve’s Personal Website

Alicia Bonar

Alicia’s current research focuses on 1) silt generation in modern soils from various climates and 2) impacts of atmospheric dust on the formation of organic-rich mudrocks. Her research methods include applied sedimentology, stratigraphy, sedimentary petrology, geochronology, and organic/inorganic geochemistry. Alicia is particularly interested in understanding the paleoclimatic and tectonic histories of southwestern Laurentia during the late Paleozoic and is currently pursuing research in the Guadalupe Mountain National Park in west-Texas and southeastern New Mexico. — Alicia’s Personal Website

Austin McGlannan

Lily Pfeifer

Researching Permian loess deposits in eastern equatorial Pangaea (France) that record dusty atmospheric conditions and hypothesized origins in glaciated alpine environments of tropical Pangea (Published in Geological Society of America Bulletin, 2020). Cyclostratigraphic analysis of rock magnetic data from these ancient loess deposits also reveal Milankovitch-scale climatic variability (Published in Frontiers in Earth Science, 2020). Provenance analysis of upper Paleozoic strata in France reflect extremely rapid, early Permian exhumation of Variscan source terranes (Published in Basin Research, 2016-2018). Research interests also include science education and instructional sequence design for enhanced inclusion (in review, Journal of Geoscience Education). — Lily’s Personal WebsiteTwitterResearch Gate

MS Students

Patrick Kelly